Why Escrow of the West

Why Escrow of the West?

As one of the leading independent, full-service escrow companies in Southern California, Escrow of the West provides the utmost professionalism and knowledge, and takes a team approach to each client relationship. We pride ourselves in upholding the highest ethical standards, utilizing cutting-edge technology and in our ability to expediently close each transaction.

Our experience and knowledge along with our advanced technological skills allow our Escrow Officers to work quickly and efficiently to make sure that each escrow process is fast and smooth. This is why leading brokerages, lenders, real estate agents and corporate clients continue to choose Escrow of the West as their trusted escrow provider. At Escrow of the West, we view each transaction as a partnership.

Escrow of the West officers adhere to the “customer comes first” philosophy and effectively apply our competitive advantages to each client relationship. We employ the most dedicated team of Senior Escrow Officers, Escrow Officers, Sales professionals, relief and technical support staff. Technology is a priority at Escrow of the West. Our Escrow Officers work hand in hand with our technology personnel, taking an integrated approach to each escrow transaction.

Experience & Knowledge

Our experienced staff provides the knowledge necessary to effectively guide you through your escrow. Our staff has many years of escrow experience and each new team member goes through an extensive training program when they are hired to work at Escrow of the West. Additionally, our Senior Escrow Officers utilize their industry experience and technical expertise to constantly mentor other members of our staff. Also, our Senior Escrow Officers continuously study and research our markets to help our clientele meet their business objectives and exceed their goals. We approach each escrow transaction as a team effort to secure a quick and efficient close.

Our Escrow Officers have a wealth of knowledge and will not hesitate to share that knowledge with our clients. We understand that the escrow process can be a confusing and tedious process, and that buyers and sellers may get lost in paperwork. Therefore, our officers sit down with clients to explain their escrow instructions and then stay in constant contact with them to keep them updated until the close of escrow.


Technology and markets are constantly changing in our industry and Escrow of the West is always staying ahead of the curve. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology is one of our foremost priorities. We understand that the world is becoming more mobile and that having a good Information Technology team is an integral part of our business. We rely on cutting edge technology to ensure your privacy and we back-up all important financial and personal data.

Our on-site technical director ensures that our systems are always up-to-date and fully operational. Our systems allow the transmission and receipt of secure e-mails which may contain escrow amendments, escrow instructions, loan documents, and all other relevant information.

As part of Escrow of the West’s ongoing commitment to technology, we offer our clients an additional choice of electronic signatures to our delivery options. We have teamed with DocuSign®, the market leader and global standard for electronic signatures to offer a complete web-based eSign solution to help our clients close business more efficiently and safely. With DocuSign®, the need for paper-based contracts is totally eliminated. The DocuSign® electronic signature includes an encrypted code ensuring its security as well as its legality and enforceability. Documents can be signed online from anywhere and at any time you have computer access thereby saving the time, travel and money associated with chasing down volumes of paper.