Escrow of the West Offers DOCUSIGN Training

Escrow of the West offers DocuSign Training

Escrow of the West, having recently entered into an agreement to provide electronic signatures through the DocuSign® platform on all of our escrow transactions, has been called upon by the Real Estate community to host lectures on the relevancy of this new technology. To date, Dan Russ, Systems Analyst for EOTW, has hosted eight classes. In these discussions, he has demonstrated to attendees the advantages of using electronic signatures, how to send an electronic envelope, the recipient experience, templating documents for ease of use and how to utilize user settings such as personal branding to increase exposure.

As the only known escrow company in California to provide electronic signing services, EOTW has managed to further our image as an industry leader, moving at a pace that is several steps ahead of our competition.

When working with us, you can rest easy in knowing that we aim to anticipate challenges, meet deadlines, and troubleshoot problems to facilitate the escrow process. Our Escrow Officers are determined and dedicated to providing superior customer service in producing the results you desire. To augment our experience and knowledge, we continuously study and research our markets to help our clientele meet their business objectives and exceed their goals, all while remaining focused on getting each and every transaction to the successful close of escrow.