The Escrow of the West Story

It’s the story of a dream, hands-on mentorship, and a rise to leadership by way of tenacity and genuine care—all of the ingredients that continue to propel the Escrow of the West team forward today.

Humble Beginnings

Escrow of the West is founded by Principal/President, Galit Ofengart. From a young age, Ofengart had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for real estate. While studying part time, she took on a clerical role at an escrow company. From clerical assistant to escrow assistant, escrow assistant to escrow officer and escrow officer to escrow manager, she forged ahead, growing leaps and bounds within the field.

A New Chapter

Motivated by the delight that clients took in her work over the years, Ofengart was encouraged to start fresh on her own terms. After conquering every imaginable escrow transaction, she unlocked the doors of the first Escrow of the West office in Beverly Hills, which remains the headquarters today.

Ofengart’s key to success is her team spirit and leading by example. She offers every employee a nurturing environment that emphasizes their value and strength.

Through the mentorship of young professionals, and by promising an atmosphere that fosters growth and opportunity for Southern California’s top industry talent, Escrow of the West has blossomed. The company now has thirteen escrow officers, a talented supporting staff, and three offices in the Los Angeles area. Despite the enduring slow market stretches throughout the ebb and flow of the economy, Escrow of the West continues to thrive.

With knowledge, attention and genuine care, Escrow of the West continues to elevate the industry standards for highly personal escrow services, propelling the success of others through monumental moments in their career.